my art! (layout under construction)   /ᐠ。ꞈ。ᐟ\ ♡

I've been drawing sporadically for a few years and I'm picking it up "for real" now. I mainly use Krita and Infinite Painter.

Frosted Flakes

Finished: July 26, 2022.
My comments: I love the sketchy look of oekaki, so I tried to replicate that to the best of my current ability. I think I have a soft spot for adding lights... Making the snowflakes and snowperson glowy was my favorite part. They look so magical and dreamy <3
What I learned: Working with a pre-existing palette is a great starting point, and it makes experimenting with colors less overwhelming!

Vivi the Sentret

Finished: July 24, 2022.
My comments: Vivi is my Sentret from my Pokémon Volt White 2 playthrough. She is Brave natured, so I tried to make her look determined and indeed, brave. She's saved my butt multiple times, even more than my starter Snivy. I wanted this to be set at night with a color scheme resembling Gaur Plains, but... I'm just not quite there yet. And that's OK.
What I learned: How to draw cliffs. Krita's version of clipping masks and its many filters! Layer blending modes for that warm sunlight. The difference between opacity and flow. Krita on Android is AWESOME and clunky lol. That I prefer warm colors to cold colors.

Turbulent Skies

Finished: July 24, 2022.
My comments: According to my friend, this has existential crisis vibes, and I agree. Maybe it's the stormy sea, maybe it's the desolate beach, maybe it's the detached viewpoint. Either way, I feel a bit sad for the poor penguin...
What I learned: The Infinite Painter interface! Also, this is my first attempt at drawing something in perspective. I think it came out okay, but I wish the sand castle and umbrella looked a bit more tridimensional.

A black penguin wearing a handkerchief around sits in a red beach chair and comtemplates the stormy horizon. The sea seems calm, and the purple sky is filled with stormy clouds. There's bright lighting that illuminates the entire scene and its light is reflected on the sea. Near the penguin there's a small sand castle that it seems to have built. The camera is placed inside a brown building that resembles a waiting room. There are two chairs with a red cushin and an orange plant pot with a green bush on it.

Amogus Abomination

Finished: July 04, 2022.
My comments: Why is this a thing? Because I saw an Among Us art prompt and I felt like drawing a crazy evil perpetrator. I still wanted her to look cute-ish, so she wears a little flower/star thing. I had plenty of fun with this one and I love the crispy aliased lineart.
What I learned: mostly that the airbrush is great for brightness effects, such as sky blue glow coming from her suit.

An chubby bipedal creature wearing a pink spacesuit runs across the starry space, with a pale pink mist behind her. Her visor glows sky blue, and her eyes are two yellow stars. She has a big mouth, with several sharp teeth and a long tongue which hangs outside her mouth. She wears a yellow star accessory on her head with fuchsia markings.

A Kitty and an Onigiri

Finished: June 15, 2022.
My comments: Here we have a cat chilling with a humongous onigiri wearing a halo. I wish cats came in these colors IRL. I wanted to get fancier with the background but it was kinda distracting, so I decided to go minimalistic and add some nice sparkles. This one was for a friend.
What I learned: lineart can be easily recolored by locking its alpha (transparency) channel and painting over it or using a gradient.

A dark purple cat with pink stripes on its back smiles peacefully while sitting next to a cream colored onigiri who wears a halo.

Proud Skitty

Finished: May 31, 2022.
My comments: This was my first "serious" artwork in a while. Skitty has been one of my favorite Pokémon since I was a kid, and this is not the first time I have drawn it, but this is my favorite so far! I love how the "sticker effect" turned out, and the watercolor background that looks like mixed ice cream flavors. Overall I'm really proud of this piece. ^-^
What I learned: that "sticker" effect is achieved by selecting the lineart (be it via select opaque or magic wand), growing the selection by 2-4 pixels (on a 1000x1000 canvas) and filling it with white on a layer below.

A Skitty smiles at the camera. There is a pastel watercolor background behind her.


Finished: October 10, 2021.
My comments: Cutesy hybrid creature, her name is a portmanteau of gata (female cat) and abeja (bee), which are two animals I like. She seems like she's having a great time!
What I learned: Clip Studio Paint's vector functionality (though I downscaled it here). That my computer isn't powerful enough to consistently handle a 6000 px tall canvas lol.

Sailor Moon Redraw 2021

Finished: October 07, 2021.
My comments: For the longest time I had wanted to participate in this challenge given welcoming it seemed to amateurs. It wasn't about making a masterpiece, it was about just having fun! Despite all the mistakes I can see now, this is my first piece worthy of being posted online lol. Sailor Moon was a huge part of my teen otaku years. Revisiting this in the future will be fun.
What I learned: Fire Alpaca is cool, and I'm a very slow artist because I focus a lot on minute details. Other than that, I don't remember... it's been a long time since I drew this.