about me   /ᐠ。ꞈ。ᐟ\ ♡

🐝 who am i?

I'm Hoshi! I want to share my work and my thoughts, so I made this website. Things I share include my art, language stuff and computer fluff.

I know how to webweave. But in the past I constantly tried to figure out: 'what should I put on my website?'. Fortunately, I learned Toki Pona in 2023 and decided I wanted to create things using it.

I am currently translating a Pokémon game to Toki Pona!

🪐 about this website

Originally, this website was named Little Planet in English (in Toki Pona, mun sike lili). The internet is like a universe because it holds many websites/files just like the universe holds many celestial bodies, By that analogy, this website is like a little planet to me. Plus: